Stop Sinning!

What do you think of when you hear the words “stop sinning”? Think about that for a minute. Jesus told those same words to many people in the Bible, but we understand them differently depending on the place our hearts are in.

There were often large crowds around Jesus—people were drawn to Him because they knew He wasn’t going to beat them down. That wasn’t why He was there. When He told them to stop sinning, it was never out of condemnation, but of forgiveness and healing. But still many of us think that because we’ve messed up, Jesus is going to condemn us.

And sometimes, we listen to the voices that try to compare and control us. We look at them and it seems like they’re perfect. They try to prove to God how awesome they are and how great they are in life, but that’s not the point of the commands He gave in the Bible. In the Old Testament, God gave the people of Israel the Law of Moses to show them that they were missing something. It was to show them the awesomeness of God. It’s not about elevating ourselves, but elevating Him.

There are many people who say that you need to get your act right before coming to Jesus, but Jesus is the one who will help you get your act right. He has accepted us before we ever even had the chance to do anything for Him.

You don’t have to clean anything up before coming to Jesus. If you embrace who Jesus is and really listen to what He’s saying to you, instead of what the voices are telling you, you will be set free. He doesn’t say to stop sinning because He is condemning us, but because He wants us to do greater things and reach greater heights. Let Jesus coach you into who He created you to be.

Watch my teaching from week three of “The Voice”.

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  1. Oh the years that I closed my Bible because I heard those words – stop sinning – through the lens of condemnation! BUT God never gave up on me. This weekend’s message was a release of some lingering condemnation for me. I now can say I love the Words from Jesus – stop sinning – because it is an invitation to use that Power! He has given me to deal with sin head-on.

    The words to express the deeper healing I experience every week I hear the Voice messages is difficult to articulate. Suffice it to say, I am grateful for the heart of the messages that we hear every week — Jesus is an amazing, gentle, loving Leader and Liberator who still gets down in the mud with me! It gives me the courage to be and do all He says I can be and do…Thank God He loves me where I am at but will not leave me there!

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