The Deposit

Many people in the New Testament who met Jesus had a hard time understanding their purpose. They were so caught up in performing religious rituals, like fasting, that they often missed who was right in front of them. And like them, sometimes we get so focused on checking off a religious to-do list that we miss where Jesus is now. Jesus isn’t a suffering servant anymore; He is a risen King.

We can make 2016 an amazing year by focusing on what God wants us to do now, in our day and age, and in our community. We live in a time of action and change—Jesus isn’t still dead on the cross. He has risen and ascended into heaven as our leader and liberator. He’s given us a new purpose, which is to spread His news throughout the world.

Ephesians 1:14—The Spirit is God’s guarantee that he will give us the inheritance he promised and that he has purchased us to be his own people. He did this so we would praise and glorify him.

The word “guarantee” in the above verse, in its original language, has the same structure and meaning as earnest money, or a deposit. And you wouldn’t put a deposit down on something you weren’t serious about. God gives us the Holy Spirit so that we can know that He is serious about the promises He has made.

When we come to Christ, we are given a new life, a new nature. And when we keep our focus on Him, we are unshakable. We can have full confidence in God and His kingdom. Our purpose in our time is to spread the message of Christ to all ends of the Earth. All of us have different gifts, resources, and abilities that we can use together to have great influence and make great change in our world.

When we keep our focus on the King, He will use us to do incredible things in His name. We know this because He has deposited the Holy Spirit into our lives, guaranteeing that He will do what He says He will do.

Watch my teaching on the deposit God has made in our lives.

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