Stand Up

When we come to Jesus, there is a radical change in our hearts; we shift from the kingdom of darkness to His kingdom of light. Christ gives us a brand-new life and will instill in our hearts a burning passion, a hunger, for His mission if we humble our hearts and allow ourselves to listen to what He is saying to us. We can live large by allowing Jesus to work in and through us to accomplish the purpose that He has created us for.

Matthew 6:33 says to seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness. He began to seek us out before we had even heard of Him, so if you look for God, you will find Him. When we make ourselves humbly available before Him, He’ll begin to do amazing things through us. That doesn’t mean that we’ll breeze through life or that everything will always be easy—we’ll face challenges and trials in this life. But when we set our eyes on God, we can have hope that the future reward is great.

We don’t have to clean ourselves up before coming to God. He will accept us right where we are. But He doesn’t want to just leave us there, but instead He wants us to constantly be growing and learning how to live for Him and His kingdom. We are created to make a difference in this world, to spread the Good News of what Jesus has done throughout the world, so that others can experience the grace and glory of God in their lives. Living large means focusing your whole life on His purpose and His mission—if you want to live a life that matters, allow your life to revolve around the things of God, not the things of this world.

There is a time for sitting down and taking in information, learning all we can about the God who saves us. But too many of us stay stuck in our seats, never standing up to use the knowledge that He has given us. God has given us a mission, and it isn’t to stay huddled up with the same group of people. It’s to stand up from our seats and get going on that mission, to multiply so that we can grow and expand the Church, the people of God.

Watch my teaching from week three of Live Large.

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