What is the source of the noise in your life? What keeps your focus away from what God has done and what He has said about you? It’s easy for us to give all of our attention to the loudest noises, the squeaky wheels that drown out everything else. But Jesus has shown us that just because a noise is loud doesn’t mean it gets to have the final word.

There are all kinds of noises that we might listen to. Static or white noise becomes loud when we place our trust in something that can never bring us lasting hope. Broken promises, disillusionment, and distrust all turn up the static in our lives and cause us to become disconnected. And eventually, we get used to it. We start to live life without any real purpose. We might seem busy, but we’re really just going through the motions.

Sometimes we begin to listen to the voices of what other people have said about us, instead of looking at what God has said about us. Maybe in the past your parents or other leaders have called you a failure, or have said that you’ll never be able to amount to anything. These voices make us want to just give up, but God is clear. He values each and every one of us, and has crafted an incredible plan for all of our lives. No matter what anyone else has said, listen to what your Creator has said about you. The voices of others don’t triumph over the voice of God.

Other times, the noise is from everything that’s going on in the world. There are always bad things happening in our world—terrorist attacks, disease, war, poverty, violence. If we listen to this noise and let it overcome us, we begin to lose our hope in the future. We wonder where God is in the midst of all the chaos.

And sometimes we listen to the noise of the pleasures in the world. We become fixated on gaining more, and eventually find ourselves attached to the things of this world. The enemy wants us comfortable, but eventually we’ll find that through we have everything, we still have hopelessness in our lives.

When Jesus was on Earth, there was a lot of noise about who He was and what He had come to do. People thought that He was going to be their new conqueror, overthrowing the powerful Roman government, and that Jesus was going to condemn their enemies. But none of that was the reason He had come to the Earth.

Jesus came because He wants us to listen to the voice of God over the noise in our lives. He knew that none of us could ever meet the mark of God’s glorious standard when left on our own—we need the help of a Savior, a leader and liberator for our lives. He didn’t come to condemn us, but to give us new life! He lived a perfect life and was killed on the cross to pay the penalty for the sins of all of humanity. The noise was loud and many didn’t understand what Jesus was doing, even some of His closest friends. But then Jesus proved that He has power over death by resurrecting from the grave.

We can have a real relationship with God through Jesus because He covers the sin that marks all of us. Don’t let the noise of everything else keep you from who God created you to be. Come to Him, and allow Jesus to bury your sin and resurrect your life today.

Watch my Easter teaching on noise.

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