Let Your Jesus Disappear

A lot of the time when we feel our hope falling, it’s because we’re putting our trust in the wrong Jesus. Too often, we have an image in our mind of what Jesus is like that doesn’t match up with the reality of who He really is. And this image can keep us from knowing Him and allowing Him to transform our lives.

The people in Jesus’ day had this same problem. They had always thought of the Messiah as the one who would come as a conquering king, ready to overthrow the ruling Roman empire and establish a new kingdom for Israel. But that wasn’t what Jesus did, so many people had trouble understanding His true purpose and believing that He really was their Messiah, their liberator.

When we create in our minds our own image of Jesus, it can never match up to who He really is. Christ is so much more than we can ever imagine. Our faith is weakened when we put it in something finite, and this causes us to miss the incredible magnitude of our God.

Our hope isn’t in someone who is just a problem-solver, but in a resurrected Jesus who came to rescue us from our sin that holds us back. And when we let the old images we had of Jesus melt away and take hold of who the Bible says He is, He will begin to renew our minds so that we can begin to think differently and live out who God created us to be. There is a change in our lives that makes us want to live for Him instead of clinging to how we used to be.

That doesn’t mean that we have to clean up our lives and do work in order to make God love us, but that He takes us in despite our messes, despite the mistakes that we all make every day. Even though life is hard and troubles will come our way, we know that no matter what, we are citizens of God’s Kingdom. And He has given us a mission: to be His light here on Earth, so that everyone can hear about the amazing things that Jesus has done for all of humanity.

When God gives us this new life, we see Jesus from a different angle. The old way we saw Him disappears, so that we don’t see Jesus through the filter of our own minds anymore. Instead, we see Him the way He really was. And Jesus made it clear that He was going away to prepare a place for us and that one day He will return. But until then, our responsibility is to spread the Good News of what He has done throughout the entire Earth.

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