The Big Prize

Have you ever been to a county or state fair? If you have, you’ll know all about those huge walls of prizes you could win for playing a game. They have huge teddy bears taller than a kid hanging over your head!

Once when I was at a local fair, there was this game to play where if you throw a dart and pop a balloon, you’d win a prize. So I’d take my darts and hit a balloon with each one…but my prize was always just this tiny plastic Snoopy doll. I was never able to get the prize I had my eye on: the big stuffed dog.

The problem was that even though I knew what I needed to do, there were so many balloons to pop, and most of them were just full of Snoopy dolls. The employee working the game never told me which balloon I needed to hit in order to get the real prize.

It’s the same with our kids—and even if you’re not a parent, you can be an influence in the lives of young people. We need to make sure that they know not only what they need to do, but also how to do it. We want them to know who Jesus is and what He has done for them, but they also need to know how to discover who they are in Him. We can’t just hand them their darts and expect them to know which balloon to aim for—we have to know what balloon has the big prize in it.

But there’s a balloon that has all of the prizes inside of it, and it’s found in Matthew 6:33, which says, “…seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” That is the balloon we need to focus our lives on. And that goes for adults as well as children! They’re going to be looking at the important adults in their lives, so we need to make sure that we are aiming our own darts at the right balloon, too.

Adults aren’t perfect; we all make mistakes. But that’s why we need to point our kids’ in the direction of our perfect heavenly Father. When we aim to have our own lives set an example for our kids, we can help them develop into amazing Kingdom influencers and live out the passions that God has set in their hearts.

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  1. Well I thank you for inspiring insight of the above written information. May God bless you. Well am here in East Africa and am happy our Lord Jesus has allow us to connect so that we may reach many souls beyond our boarder at this end time. Am praying that this will also shared in your heart for His glory.

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