Heart for the House

God should be the most spectacular being in any community. And He wants to use you and the gifts He’s given you so that you can help that happen in your neighborhood, your workplace, your school. At Barefoot Church, we want you to live you, the God-given you. God has put so much into our hands, and we need to use them to the best of our ability to glorify Him throughout the whole Earth.

Know that you are accepted by God where you are right now. He doesn’t expect you to try and get your life all lined up on your own, before coming to Him. You don’t have to prove anything to Him. He already knows everything about you, and He sent His Son, Jesus, to come to Earth and die on the cross so that you can be in a right relationship with Him. When our identity is found in our faith in Jesus, we don’t have to worry about our security.

You are highly valued by your Creator, and He has given you special gifts, talents, and resources to use for His purpose in this world. Nothing about you is insignificant to God. We are made in His image! And He has called all of us to be a part of His unique plan for our lives.

Your job is to allow yourself to be equipped by the Holy Spirit to do those unique things. When you come to Christ, you become a part of His Church, the people of God. The Holy Spirit uses the Church to challenge you to never accept an ordinary life. Don’t allow yourself to be a spectator, always watching the game from the sidelines. Live out who God says you are. He will equip you if you will listen to His discipline. He will help us change to become more like Christ when we are willing. Let Him move some things out of your life so that He can move in your life.

What matters most is the heart with which you do things. Have a heart for God and expanding His Kingdom, and display that heart to the world. Fulfill the calling He has placed on your life with excellence. Live out who He says you are in everything that you do.

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