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At Christmas time, we always hear that we should be more generous. The holidays are about giving, not receiving. And that attitude comes from Jesus, whose birth we celebrate at Christmas. Jesus displayed incredible generosity while He was here on the Earth. But it’s not just His actions that matter, but the heart He has for all of humanity.

Even before time began, Jesus decided that He would go on a rescue mission for humanity. He knew that humans would sin and that our sin would cause a separation between us and God. None of us deserve the gift of eternal life that He offers us, but Jesus’ heart, His attitude towards us, was one of love and mercy.

Like Jesus, when we give, it shouldn’t be out of compulsion or because we feel like we have to. When we give, it should be out of our heart. It’s who we are. We are excited that we get to give! By taking on the attitude of Jesus and looking upon humanity with love, we will begin to see opportunities to be generous everywhere we go.

There is nothing we can give to God that will equal the gift He gives us. He knew from the beginning that we would never be able to make it up to Him. And as the Church, God’s representatives here on Earth, we should be willing to be generous towards those who won’t give anything in return, or who are unable to give anything back to us.

When we have a heart to see people turn away from their old ways and to the King of kings and the Lord of lords, we will begin to take on the attitude of Christ and give generously in His name. Christmas doesn’t have to be the only season of giving in our lives. We can make every day about giving generously when we take on the attitude that Christ had of contributing rather than taking.

Christ is calling His Church to have a heart that reflects His majesty, and that includes being generous in all ways. Giving like God is not based on status. He gives us amazing, amazing things even though we can never give Him anything of equal value in return; we can’t outgive God! Giving with the same heart as Christ is about giving to people who can only receive, and doing so with a heart to see them come to believe in Christ and enter into His eternal Kingdom.

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