Team Up

When you think of church, what comes to your mind? Is it a place where you feel discouraged or alone, or is it somewhere you feel at home and encouraged?

God didn’t design humans to do life alone. We’re made to have relationships with other people. And the Church—God’s set apart people—should be the most encouraging and most hospitable people on Earth. But the reason so many of us feel discouraged even at church is because we’re either not using the gifts God has given us, or we’re trying to take over other people’s gifts.

He never intends for you to be just a face in the crowd. We are all uniquely designed by God to play a significant part for His purpose and His plan. And every part is just as important as the next. So don’t spend your life just being a spectator, watching everyone else play the game. Get up and take action with what God has given you.

Others of us have what we often call Type A personalities—we want to control every little thing that everyone is doing. But by doing that, you’re keeping others from receiving the blessings of doing their part. Have a humble heart and give others the chance to experience the blessing that comes from using their gifts for God’s Kingdom.

The Church needs to be unified together for one purpose, the purpose of fulfilling God’s plan here on Earth. We have to be careful not to divide ourselves. Saying things like, “That’s not my job, it’s your job,” doesn’t help anyone get anywhere. Whether you’ve been a Christian for 20 years or 20 minutes, whether you’re on stage in front of thousands or behind the scenes where no one sees you, and whether you’re a staff member or volunteer, it doesn’t matter. There’s no volunteering for God—there is only fulfilling your destiny and the plan God has for your life.

Don’t just be someone who watches everyone else doing the work and receiving the blessing. Be a person of action and use whatever is in your hands to build up the Kingdom of God.

Watch the full teaching from week 1 of Manage the Monkeys.


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