Why Me God?

Have you ever found yourself asking God why? Why am I going through this? Have I gotten off track? Have I missed the mark? Show me what’s wrong with me. Maybe its time we stop asking why and begin to ask what! Just because you don’t fully understand the WHY in every situation, does not nullify WHAT God wants to do in and through you. Have you ever thought about what your going through in life may be because God wants to show up and do something incredible in and through you? Instead of always asking God why, begin to ask God what! What is it that He is trying to show me? It may look like a setback but it is really a SETUP!

Watch week one of Setup

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2 Replies to “Why Me God?”

  1. Loved the first week of the new series. I cant wait for this Sunday! Also, thank you for the beach baptism on Sunday night! It filled me up with the Lord.

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