Operation Grace

If you’ve ever had a medical operation, you know how much you want the team that is working on you to have all of its members ready to go. You want the anesthesiologist, the surgeon, and the nurses all working together to keep you safe during the operation. And if you play or watch sports, you understand the importance of every position on the team. On any kind of team, all of the people involved work together, in unison, to keep the operation moving forward.

After the Israelites were set free from slavery in Egypt, they wandered in the wilderness for years before they made it to the Promised Land. During this time, the people got restless. They started to complain and grumble. Numbers 16:3 says, “They united against Moses and Aaron and said, ‘You’ve gone too far! The whole community of Israel has been set apart by the Lord, and he is with all of us. What right do you have to act as though you are greater than the rest of the Lord’s people?’”

After this, God told Moses to bring one staff for each of Israel’s twelve tribes, with its leader’s name written on each one. Aaron’s name as written on the staff for the tribe of Levi. God had Moses put each staff in the Tabernacle. The next day, Aaron’s staff had bloomed and produced ripe almonds. In Numbers 17:10, God said, “Place Aaron’s staff permanently before the Ark of the Covenant to serve as a warning to rebels. This should put an end to their complaints against me and prevent any further deaths.”

That generation of Israelites wandered around in the wilderness and died without reaching the Promised Land was because they didn’t want to trust God and be pushed beyond who they thought they could be. Their descendants reached the land of abundance, but this generation did not because they were too focused on staying in their comfort zones.

The American Church is in a similar place right now. We live in a time where all we want is comfort and familiarity. But God’s grace gives us the power to move beyond anything we ever thought we could be. When we understand this power that He offers to us, and are willing to use our gifts for His purpose, we will see fruit begin to sprout out of our lives. By using our different gifts and assignments, we can work together to fulfill God’s plan for our world.

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