Back to the Heart

At Barefoot Church on October 28 and 29, we are going to have a special weekend called Heart for the House Weekend. At each of our services that week, I’ll be sharing the heart and vision behind why Barefoot exists, and why we do everything that we do.

The reason we’re having Heart for the House Weekend is that sometimes we get so busy doing things that we forget the reason we started in the first place. Before my family and I started Barefoot fourteen years ago, God put a vision in my heart of a church with thousands of people all worshiping God together every single weekend. And that is still the vision we have all these years later.

But life gets messy sometimes, doesn’t it? It doesn’t always go the way we planned. People come and people go, things don’t happen as fast as we want them to happen. It can cause us to become stagnant. Trust me, I understand—I’ve been there recently. When we don’t see how God’s plan is working, our faith might begin to grow weak in what God showed us when we first started out on this journey with Him. Have you ever experienced anything like that?

So what are we supposed to do when we want a harvest but no fruit is growing? It takes victorious faith. The reality is that when we belong to Jesus and are citizens of God’s Kingdom, we live in between two worlds. We’re living in physical bodies in a physical world, but we know a spiritual world. So when all we do is feed what we see physically and ignore our spiritual health, our faith grows weaker and weaker.

Sometimes the Enemy will try to remind us of who we were before the day, and we begin to default back to that. But remember: the past is in the past, and the future is ahead. God made you anew and has called you to a holy calling. We have to stay true to our God-given purpose no matter what happens in this physical world.

We have to come back to the beginning when we first came to Jesus. When was the day He invaded your life to change your forever? When was the day your faith connected with Jesus’ amazing grace? Focus on why you started on this journey with Him, and never let yourself lose sight of the vision.

Watch the full teaching for “Back to the Heart”.

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