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Did the team you were rooting for win the Super Bowl this year?

Whatever you think of the winning team, it took all of their different roles pulling together for a common cause: to win the game. The best quarterback in the world would be helpless without his teammates. Every position on a team matters—if you’re in sales, the marketing team matters, because without them you probably won’t have any clients to sell to. And in the Church, we want everyone working together so that we can show the love, hope, and healing of God to the world. Step in and be a part of building this thing!

Last Thursday, we celebrated the end of our 21-day church-wide fast. And it was great to see some of the individual breakthroughs God made in our lives. But I want you to remember that we didn’t do the fast just for the individual breakthroughs, but to see what God would do in us collectively in the future. It was to prepare for what’s coming next. My prayer throughout the fast was for us to see 5,000 new people begin attending Barefoot in 2018. That might be unrealistic—we can do it, but it won’t happen if we don’t work together.

We live in a small city, and it’s a city that is very difficult to do ministry in—it’s transient, so people come and go all the time. No one wants to make any long-term commitments. But I believe that God planted Barefoot in a resort area to change the atmosphere. Think about it—we get people from all over the nation and even from all over the world coming to our city! When they come and hear about the Good News of Christ, they can go back and begin changing their own cities. Though we’re in a small, transient area, we can make a world of difference.

I encourage you to read the story of Nehemiah this week. Nehemiah was a coach who motivated his players to accomplish something to bring hope and healing into their community. And by looking at the way Nehemiah led his team to do amazing things in their time, we can learn how to bring God’s same hope and healing to our modern world.

Watch the teaching from Team Weekend.

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