God Wins

Psalm 73:3-5— For I envied the proud when I saw them prosper despite their wickedness. They seem to live such painless lives; their bodies are so healthy and strong. They don’t have troubles like other people; they’re not plagued with problems like everyone else.

Asaph, the one who wrote this psalm, was struggling here. He watched people who were doing evil end up prospering. Sometimes it can feel like living a godly life isn’t worth it. Why run your business with integrity when those who don’t are the only ones getting ahead? Why work so hard to earn good grades when everyone around you is cheating?

A few verses down in Psalm 73:16-17, Asaph wrote this: “So I tried to understand why the wicked prosper. But what a difficult task it is! Then I went into your sanctuary, O God, and I finally understood the destiny of the wicked.”

In Jesus’ time, there was a veil in the temple that separated humans from a room called the Holy of Holies, where God’s presence dwelled on Earth. One of the last things Jesus said before He died on the cross was the Greek word tetelestai. And tetelestai means “it is finished.” Through His death, Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice. At that moment, the veil was torn in two. Man was no longer separated from God, because through Jesus we can have complete access to Him.

Jesus covered all of my sin and yours—past, present, and future. It is finished! You don’t have to work to earn favor with God. The temple veil is gone. We can have complete, divine access to our Creator through faith in Jesus.

When Asaph went to God’s sanctuary, he realized the mistake he’d been making. God showed Asaph that he needed to look at more than just what he could see with his eyes. In the future, God wins; all evil will be purged. And if you’re a Christ follower, you have a real eternity with the Creator of the universe to look forward to. Hang on to that with all of your heart so that whenever it seems like evil is winning, you can remember that in the end, God will win the game.

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