How To Recover From A Bad Day

Know God personally. God is not only a great and mighty Creator, He is also very personal. He wants a relationship with you. God doesn’t only want you to discover who He is; He wants you to know who YOU are in Him. Once you see the invisible God with your heart you will begin to accomplish the impossible with your life.

Know God is stable. Our God is the same yesterday as He will be tomorrow; the God we serve remains the same in our lack as He is in our plenty. He is stable! He does not waver in His purpose or His plan. He has marked you for a purpose, run after it.

Focus on picking up the towel and moving forward…using the moment for a SETUP, not a setback!

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  1. Loved the Message from this weekend. I loved that white towel, and the thought that it is ok, at the end of your life, give that bloody, dirty towel to Jesus!
    Never throw it in the ring!
    Thank You

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