Tangled…In One Direction

Tangled…In One Direction is a teaching series all about multiple parts headed in one direction accomplishing greater things together. Aren’t you glad that God has made us for greater things? God wants and has created you to be a part of something bigger than yourself. You can be a small part of something that is making a big difference! We live in an independent culture today, but when individuals can connect, unite around one idea, and have laser focus then amazing things begin to be accomplished! Many hands make light work. This weekends teaching revealed what that focus should be, we are created to MULTIPY!!! Through this series; if applied, we will gain incredible strength & momentum in our lives, in our purpose. Are you ready to get Tangled…In One Direction?

Watch Week One of the series TANGLED Here

For more information on how to get connected at any of our campuses please visit BarefootChurch.com

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