Our Common Thread

As we get Tangled…In One Direction, we have the potential to increase on a whole ‘nutha level! To see Bible-sized multiplication, Jesus has to be at the center of everything we do. He is the common thread we all are Tangled around! When we make him the Lord and Savior of our life, the King, Master, the CEO, the captain of our life, we put Him at the center! He becomes the “hub” of our life…everything is held together by Him, and revolves around Him! He doesn’t revolve around everything else that makes up our day-to-day activities. If we make Jesus just a portion, a part of our life, we are missing out on the incredible increase He has for us! Let everything that makes up our life revolve around Him, and as we are Tangled…In One Direction with the common thread of Jesus, we will see great increase in our life!

Watch Week One of the series TANGLED Here

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