Guard Your Heart

This weekend we learned how our words, heart, mind and life are ALL tangled together and headed in one direction. We focused on the heart but studied how they are all intertwined together. The heart is the essence of who we are, not talking of just the physical organ, but the core of who we are. Guard your heart above all else, above your relationships, your religion, your bank account, your parenting, etc… for it determines the course of your life. We need to guard it because it determines the direction of our life. The words we speak are an overflow of the heart, of who & what we are on the inside, what we are made up of. They reflect who or what has been speaking into our lives. Our heart is like treasure, and it is extremely important. We don’t guard things that aren’t important, do we? Do you guard your garbage can at night? NO! Nobody is after that or would it matter if they took it, your heart however is a different story. Guard it, you are wonderful and marvelously made!

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  1. Thank you for showing me & giving me the words to share – I am guarding my heart a lot more these days – I am understanding why?? He needs us..

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