The Wheels Came Off

This weekend was an honor to have my wife, Kim, teach with me at all experience times. We really enjoyed sharing relationship principles with all of you. Together man and woman were to do great things. However, the wheels came off for both of them.

The man was created to protect, rule & reign, receive honor & respect, and to be trusted. But in man’s passivity, the wheels came off. The Bible says because of this, the man would struggle the rest of his life with ruling and reigning, with protecting what is dear to his heart.

The woman also stepped out of God’s plan for her life. The man was not protecting, being passive, so she took matters into her own hands and was deceived by the serpent. The result of that is now she will struggle with control issues; means to manage, restrain, monitor, manipulate, and influence.

When a man becomes PASSIVE in the home or in leading his family spiritually, women have a tendency to become CONTROLLING. If we could all just work on these two principles, it would straighten out almost any area of any relationship. A man’s greatest need is RESPECT and HONOR, a woman’s greatest need is SECURITY. When you let God begin to lead your lives the entire dynamic changes, your common thread is now your relationship with your creator!

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  1. I loved this sermon. It was great to see kim and Clay both share their life with us, so we can become closer to our God. It is wonderful to have a good biblical reason why I make the mistakes in my marriage and I can’t wait for Ray to come home…Not to tell him how “Passive” he is, but to encourage him to run our home. Thank You guys!

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