Leaders create environments for people to grow in. They allow others to climb, and provide incredible opportunities. But if the people don’t climb, it can be frustrating to the leader. Trust the leadership you have been placed under SO THAT you can go to greater heights.

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  1. Pastor Clay, Kim and Cole, I personally wanted to thank you and your family for being a great pillar and mentor here in NMB, you guys are awesome and your teachings are very inspirational I have been learning and being taught the word of God in language that I do not understand when I read my Bible, but you help me understand the meaning that has been written not just for 1 hour in church but for the everyday life time change that stays with me. Also, my grandchildren moved away from NMB, they still say Nana I miss our church….Thank you once again for touching our lives on this journey we are all taking with you. God Bless Barefoot church and the family u created and created for us to follow and be…you are always in our prayer…..

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