Share Your Story!

One of the greatest ways we can invite people to step into a relationship with God is to share our stories. No one can argue with what you have experienced firsthand.

Your story is going to touch lives that my story can’t. My story is going to touch lives that yours can’t. God works through the people He has Upcycled.

So how do you share your story? One way is to just say it! Start with your life before Christ, and then tell how you met Him. End with how your life has changed; how has Christ Upcycled you? It’s because of God that you were salvaged, so allow God the glory and praise Him in all places.

Baptism is going public with your decision to follow Christ. It’s an awesome way to share your story, and you will also be acting in obedience to Christ. We hope to see you at Last Call baptisms New Years Eve at 10:30pm. Its your moment to put on your God jersey!!!

Don’t just tell your story. Live it out!

Watch week five of our Christmas series UPCYCLE Here

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