“Peace on Earth.” These words are everywhere during the Christmas season. We think that they are nice words, but we don’t know how to make them a reality in our lives. We think: “Maybe if my marriage would change, I’d have some peace.” “If I had a friend, I’d have peace.” “If my finances would just work out, there’d be peace in my life.”

The Wise Men were a trio of intelligent scholars who are believed to have been astrologers. In their culture, they were taught that one day, a King would come, and He would bring peace. The Wise Men wanted to find this King. God, being the creative genius He is, got these astrologers’ attention one night with a star.

God is in the business of getting our attention. Once He has our attention, He sets us out on a journey. The Wise men were on a journey searching for peace beyond understanding, searching for something more. They wanted to understand what life was all about, just like us. One day, they found the Answer…a King.

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