Use What You Have

Jesus was always stepping outside of the lines in order to reach people, and He used whatever was at His disposal to do it. In John 4:9-26, He used water and a well to show a Samaritan woman what He could offer her.

If we truly want to help people become all that God has created them to be, we must change what is, into what can be. All believers are given gifts from God to be used in advancing the kingdom—so use them! Leverage what you have to captivate the attention of the world.

If you are good at teaching, then teach! If you’re into technology, use that knowledge to reach people! If you love working with children or students, then get involved with their ministries! Music, art, hospitality, creativity, fitness…the list goes on and on!

There is always a way that you can reach outside the lines of our culture to reach the world. Use what you have to lift Jesus up so that people will be drawn to Him.

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