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“Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28.

With Jesus, your position will be secure. You will have purpose. You can have rest in Him. But what does it mean to come to Jesus?

In Matthew 11, Jesus was speaking to religious people. They were insecure about who they were, and were trying to impress God. Jesus was inviting them to step away from something that was bringing a false sense of security. They were so focused on doing everything right, having all of their bases covered, that they missed who God was. God wasn’t interested in what their sacrifices did for Him. He wanted the sacrifices they made to make them realize Who He was. God was—and is!—a provider and a rescuer.

Imagine a child who is just learning how to walk. He’s holding on the a coffee table because he doesn’t want to fall. But in order to learn, he has to let go and walk toward the arms of his parents. He thinks that the coffee table is supporting him, but it’s just holding him back. The child may fall down or scrape his chin, but his parents will be right there to help him back up. By taking a step, he is growing and building strength. He lets go of a false sense of security, and takes steps towards the true source of security.

Are you like the people in Matthew 11? Do you focused on trying to “do” things for God, to impress Him? Follow Jesus because you are impressed with Him, because you trust Him, not so that He is impressed with you! Is there a false security that keeps you up at night? Turn loose and take a step towards the arms of God, who says His grace is sufficient!

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