Honoring Authority

Honor: to value highly, respect, to be highly esteemed, to treat with precious value, to ascribe great worth to.

Saul was the King of Israel when David killed a giant named Goliath. The people of Israel began to praise David, and King Saul became jealous. In 1 Samuel 18 and 19, Saul acts on his jealousy by throwing his spear at David—three times! David escaped each time, but even though he could have taken the spear and thrown it back at Saul, he didn’t. He instead escaped into the night.

By chapter 24, Saul had gathered 3,000 of Israel’s elite troops to search for David, who was hiding in a cave with his men. When Saul entered into the same cave they were hiding in, the men with David tried to convince him to kill Saul while he had the opportunity. But rather than killing Saul, David cut off a piece of his robe—and even then, he felt guilty and said, “The LORD knows I shouldn’t have done that to my lord the king.”

Honor is something that we give—not something that others take. When we give honor, it says more about our hearts than it does the other person’s actions. Honoring the authority in your life expresses that you are trusting God’s authority over your life. David knew a thing or two about honoring authority—even though the King was jealous, evil, mean, disrespectful, and dishonoring him, David honored him anyway. Honor is an attitude of your heart, not a response to the actions of others.

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