Honoring Others

Romans 12:3-8 makes it clear that we all have parts in God’s kingdom. David understood that he couldn’t do everything by himself; he needed others to fulfill what he was supposed to. The Church is made up of believers who all have different jobs. When you submit to where God places you, it shows that you understand Who is in control. You aren’t supposed to do everything! Allowing others to do what they are called to do shows that you trust God’s plan.

David didn’t only honor those he knew; he also honored those he didn’t know! In 2 Samuel 9, he asks if there is anyone left from Saul’s family—Saul, who tried multiple times to kill him. He was told that Mephibosheth, one of Jonathan’s sons, was still alive and living in Lo-debar. Mephibosheth was not only crippled in both of his feet, but living in Lo-debar, which was a dry, desolate, deserted place. It was a place where you felt unwanted, restless, abandoned, alone, and unknown.

Mephibosheth referred to himself as a dead dog, and thought that David was going to kill him, but instead, David shows kindness and honor to him. He gave him everything that had belonged to Saul, and Mephibosheth ate regularly at King David’s table.

This is what happens when we honor those who feel like they don’t deserve to be honored. We express the heart of our King. It expresses what Jesus has brought us into His kingdom for; it expresses our purpose as Christ followers! Honor in our relationships is an indicator of our heart. When our heart is in the right place, our sleep begins to be more peaceful, and we have sweet dreams.

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