Changing the Landscape

We have been created to splash our community, to change its landscape, just as the landscape of a beach is changed by the ocean. In John 13, Jesus demonstrates the leadership principles necessary to create change in our community.

We make splashes when we have confidence. Jesus never leveraged His title of “God.” We, on the other hand, love to boast about them: “Look at me; I can do this and that because of these letters after my name/how much money I have/the title I have.” He was never ashamed of His title; He just knew that He didn’t need to use that title to prove how powerful He was. Jesus never leveraged His title to prove His power, but instead leveraged His power to prove His purpose.

We make splashes when we demonstrate direction, rather than waiting on direction. Jesus offers us forgiveness, but He also offers leadership. People who are willing to go out first, follow Him, and step out in faith, are the people who will experience the power of God in their lives and change the world. A local church that serves their community will lead and change their community—but it takes direction. God has already given us the mission; why should we wait around for Him to fix something He has already told us to do?

We make splashes when we challenge others to join the movement. It takes a group of people to make waves; if you aren’t participating, you are missing out on what God created you to do. Every person matters. Jesus had no issues with challenging people to join in, because He knew the magnitude of the mission.

It’s one thing to know what God has said or called you to do; it’s another thing to actually obey and follow it. God is looking for people who are not passive, people who are willing to be aggressive for His purpose. It can be scary, risky, and even messy, but in the end, it will be worth it when He says, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

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