Monday School: Gift Wrap

Transformation happens in our lives when information moves to application. After the message is processed inwardly on the weekends, it’s expressed outwardly in our day-to-day lives. When we get back to work, school, our routine home life—that is where true transformation occurs. I like to call it “Monday School”.

This weekend, I taught on how to embrace the gifts God gives us in life so that they can be used to make an incredible difference in the world. Every circumstance, good or bad, can be leveraged for Kingdom advancement. Sometimes, we say “no thanks” to the gifts God sends us, because they don’t come in a package we expect… Have you ever thought that we could be saying “no thanks” to the amazing thing God wants to do in and through us?

Something to think about this week… If you think you can’t change the world because your gifts are not in the best packaging, I’m here to declare to you that the wrapping paper does not determine the value of the gift!


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  1. What a wonderful message on Saturday. Always love to hear your sermons…you make it so understandable in modern times and words of expression. THANK YOU, Pastor Clay

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