Monday School: Be Available

How do you find the significance in the struggle? Make yourself completely—and I mean completely—available for God to do something significant in and through your life. Whenever, wherever, however… God will use you as a vessel to bring Good News that brings great change into all the world, and all it takes is an available vessel. If you want to make an eternal impact and leave a legacy, it begins with this: be available.


2 Replies to “Monday School: Be Available”

  1. Cool post–it reminds me of Sunday’s service when PastorClay said the prophet told the woman to fill her jar NOW. Her jar was ready, willing and available. Because she followed his instruction, she was immediately blessed with an abundance. If only we can get out of our own way sometimes and LISTEN to what God wants us to do…and then DO IT! I struggle with this all the time–I think I’m too hard headed and not enough soft hearted.

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