Monday School: Take Another Shot

This weekend I got to talk with a woman who golfs professionally. She shared with me that the most valuable thing you can do, when moving from match to match, is to debrief–to bring full closure to one game before moving on to the next. If you are focused on how bad or well your last match went, you can’t focus on the match at hand.

Life is just like this! If we are focused on our past misses, we can’t possibly focus on hitting the mark of God’s glorious standard for our life! We have all missed, but Christ came to forgive us of all our misses! If you have missed, you are accepted, valued, and can be equipped for greater things! Get back up, trust in the finished work of Christ, and swing again! His Grace is sufficient for you! Hope Is Here so that you can hit the mark of God’s glorious standard for your life–just take another shot! 

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  1. We visited the Barefoot Church last Saturday night. My husband and I are down in Myrtle Beach seeing our son before he deploys to Japan this week. We loved the church – the warm welcome, the music and the message were amazing! Our son was really impressed too – and that takes a lot! Love it! My husband and son are both golfers – so the message was perfect. I loved it so much, I came back on Sunday morning too, while they golfed – and it was amazing again. Thank you for your passion to heal people and get them right with Christ. Just loved you all! Tammy Smith.

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