A Container of Hope


In communities like Malindza, Swaziland, a place to store supplies is received with overwhelming gratitude. Something simple like a metal container can change the lives of many, as is happening right now in Malindza.

When CarePoints are young, the food served there is often stored in someone’s house. The container that has been placed in Malindza by Children’s Cup, the ministry we partner with to serve Malindza, will allow that CarePoint to continue to grow and develop by providing a space for a variety of foods to be stored. It will also be able to serve as an office for the Carepoint’s facilitator as well as its cooks, giving them a way to easily organize paperwork.

Imagine trying to corral a group of children together without a designated room to bring them to! Because of the space provided by the container, the children and those who work with them will be able to meet in a more secure environment, where the kids can write letters to their sponsors.

As the CarePoint continues to grow, more things will be added like fences and playground equipment, as well as more storage space for tools and other materials. A building will be built in Malindza that will be able to provide holistic ministry to the entire community, through food, education, medicinal care, leadership training, and a place to gather for church services.

Children’s Cup also has a missionary currently working to purchase shoes for the children of Malindza because of your generosity in giving to the Miracle Offering at Christmas. It won’t be long before the children will receive the gift provided by the Miracle Offering!

We can’t wait to see what God is going to do in Malindza in 2014 as we continue to partner with Children’s Cup. We are excited about the coming year, and we hope that you will join us as we pray for and serve the community of Malindza, Swaziland.

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  1. Our family just visited Malindza Carepoint last week. The cooks were abounding in smiles and couldn’t stop sharing how grateful they were for the clean water tank, storage container, and “kitchen”. Thank you for pouring into this community and giving them love and hope 🙂

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