Remove and Restore

Any time you read an Old Testament story, remember that it is much more than just a history lesson. It is a physical picture that represents something that happens in our lives spiritually

Nehemiah 13:4-5 (AMP)—”Now before this, Eliashib the priest, who was appointed over the chambers of the house of our God, and was related [by marriage] to Tobiah [our adversary], prepared for Tobiah a large chamber where previously they had put the offerings…

The enemy had snuck into God’s temple through old connections and relationships. Even though it was only one man in one room, the enemy had begun to corrupt the whole temple.

Nehemiah 13:7-9 (NLT)—”When I arrived back in Jerusalem, I learned about Eliashib’s evil deed in providing Tobiah with a room in the courtyards of the Temple of God. I became very upset and threw all of Tobiah’s belongings out of the room. Then I demanded that the rooms be purified, and I brought back the articles for God’s Temple, the grain offerings, and the frankincense.

When Nehemiah learned that Tobiah was allowed to occupy a room in the temple of God, he didn’t go fight with Tobiah. Instead he took all Tobiah’s stuff and tossed it out on the street. Nehemiah ensured that the corruption was removed in full, and what rightfully belonged in the temple was restored.

The enemy uses this same strategy in our lives today. The temple, in this story, represents our life as a believer. Sometimes we allow the enemy into a small part of our life.

You may think that it is only a small room, but if we allow the enemy to set up shop in any part of our life, he will begin to permeate every part of our life. Throw him out! Once Nehemiah threw out the enemy, then there could be restoration.

I encourage you today to examine your heart. What old connection or relationship has the enemy used to gain a foothold in your life? Remove fear, allow God to restore peace! Remove guilt, allow God to restore forgiveness! Remove insecurities, allow God to restore your identity in Christ!

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