A Personal Invitation to Core

Hey Barefoot Church,

Kim and I want to invite you to join us at Core as we share the history of how this ministry began, the journey of running after the vision God has given us, and our DNA as a local church.

Here is an quick excerpt from the Core booklet about partnership.

Partnership is believers working together towards the completion of a common goal. By becoming a Barefoot Church partner, you’re saying that Christ is the center of your life, and you are committing to be an active part of the mission of the Church. Together we want to see as many people come to know Christ as possible, and that takes the help of every believer! We can accomplish the mission God has given to His Church by pooling our gifts, talents, time, and resources.

Being a partner is the next level of engagement in advancing the vision of Barefoot. At Core, you will learn who we are, what we are about, and what we’re doing to advance the mission of God. This is an amazing opportunity to jumpstart your journey as a partner of Barefoot Church.

Together, we want to see as many people come to know Christ as possible. That takes the help of every believer! We can pool our gifts, talents, time, and resources so that the mission of God will be accomplished.

You can sign up for Core by visiting barefootchurch.com/core or at the tent before or after a weekend experience. God is doing some incredible things through the local church; you don’t want to miss this!

What: Core Partnership Session
Where: The Conference Center (2250 Premier Resorts Blvd, NMB, SC)
When: Sunday, November 2 at 2:30pm

Hope to see you there,
Clay & Kim NeSmith

One Reply to “A Personal Invitation to Core”

  1. Pastor Clay.

    Thank you for the invite, but I’m still recovering in NJ.
    You know I would be there for You and Kim and the church in a Heart Beat.
    I miss you both so very much.
    Cant wait to get home.
    I love you Both,
    Melanie Rock

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