Monday School: Suit Up

The enemy is coming against us, but we are equipped to deflect his attacks! Suit yourself up in the hope of Christ: the armor of God. Every piece of the armor represents the person you are in Christ. When you remind yourself of that every single day, you can suit up to walk in the purpose He has for you!


Monday School: Hope in the Wilderness

The Israelites were freed from oppression and sent on an incredible journey, through the wilderness, to the Promised Land. Sometimes God will lead us through the wilderness of life so that He can build some things into us along the way! You may not wake up and receive what God has promised to you, but choose to have hope in His provision and His plan during the process. He is working out His plan in the land of in-between!



Monday School: Take Another Shot

This weekend I got to talk with a woman who golfs professionally. She shared with me that the most valuable thing you can do, when moving from match to match, is to debrief–to bring full closure to one game before moving on to the next. If you are focused on how bad or well your last match went, you can’t focus on the match at hand.

Life is just like this! If we are focused on our past misses, we can’t possibly focus on hitting the mark of God’s glorious standard for our life! We have all missed, but Christ came to forgive us of all our misses! If you have missed, you are accepted, valued, and can be equipped for greater things! Get back up, trust in the finished work of Christ, and swing again! His Grace is sufficient for you! Hope Is Here so that you can hit the mark of God’s glorious standard for your life–just take another shot! 

Monday School: Champions

Champions fix their eyes on the Ultimate Champion! Hebrews 12:1-2 remind us to “run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus, the champion who initiates and perfects our faith.” All champions are built by focusing on the fundamentals. God wants us to learn the fundamentals of His Word so that we can reach our full potential and live out the incredible life we are called to live. There is a champion inside of you! You were designed for greatness. Be a champion in life!


Monday School: No Room

Feeling crowded by life? Sometimes there seems to be no room, no opportunity, no way, no hope… That is exactly where God shows up! By placing your Faith in the One who specializes in “NO ROOM” situations, you can make room in whatever crowded situation you are facing this week!


Monday School: Be Available

How do you find the significance in the struggle? Make yourself completely—and I mean completely—available for God to do something significant in and through your life. Whenever, wherever, however… God will use you as a vessel to bring Good News that brings great change into all the world, and all it takes is an available vessel. If you want to make an eternal impact and leave a legacy, it begins with this: be available.


Monday School: Astonish The World

Did you know that God desires to astonish the world through you? He created you for a life of significance—a life that would astonish those around you! Your story can astonish people whenever you choose to believe God can birth something new in unlikely ways, places, and circumstances. Let God birth a new thing in your life that He will use to astonish the world!


Monday School: Gift Wrap

Transformation happens in our lives when information moves to application. After the message is processed inwardly on the weekends, it’s expressed outwardly in our day-to-day lives. When we get back to work, school, our routine home life—that is where true transformation occurs. I like to call it “Monday School”.

This weekend, I taught on how to embrace the gifts God gives us in life so that they can be used to make an incredible difference in the world. Every circumstance, good or bad, can be leveraged for Kingdom advancement. Sometimes, we say “no thanks” to the gifts God sends us, because they don’t come in a package we expect… Have you ever thought that we could be saying “no thanks” to the amazing thing God wants to do in and through us?

Something to think about this week… If you think you can’t change the world because your gifts are not in the best packaging, I’m here to declare to you that the wrapping paper does not determine the value of the gift!