We have the choice to either let the mind monsters or the Master’s medicine control our soul, because when it comes to our thoughts, it’s a constant battle.  

They don’t expect to wake up one day and suddenly win the big prize. Instead, they train for years, living with prize eyes to focus themselves on what they want to accomplish.  

With rod and staff in hand, a shepherd was very powerful. Rods and staffs were tools that shepherds needed to use every day to protect, guide, and care for their sheep.  

When you buy a product that you see in an advertisement, you expect the product to live up to the expectations set by the ad. Ads need to reflect the true nature of what they’re selling. What is it that your life is reflecting?  

Water is water, no matter how it is carried and poured. Our responsibility is to plant the seed of the Good News, and water the seed so that it becomes fruitful.  

The Bible often compares the relationship that Christ followers have with the Creator to marriage, with Him being the groom and the Church being the bride. Our role in that relationship isn’t to be just any bride, but one of great valor.  

We want God to do what we want Him to do, but we have to understand that His purpose in performing miracles is always to advance His story and purpose throughout the world.  

Just like we check ourselves in a physical mirror, we also need to look at ourselves in God’s mirror so we can improve the things in our lives that aren’t up to par.  

Adam, the first man, was going to sit back and watch as Eve believed what the enemy was saying. Jesus came to set a new standard and modeled active leadership. He didn’t leave us to figure things out on our own.  

Jesus’ style of leadership was radically different from what His disciples were used to seeing. The leaders they knew were stuck on rules and traditions, but Jesus was focused on something else entirely.